Mohnish Sareen (Asst Prof. , Computer Applications)

“YS College is a great place for young and creative minds to apply their skills and knowledge they possess and let their talent prosper in a positive working environment. YS College emphasizes on imparting practical knowledge to the students which makes them ready to crack all the opportunities in future. At YS College, I am always treated as a professional and I am also thankful for the support I am given.”

Semial Sharma (Asst Prof. , Computer Applications)

“As the ship sinks without a skilled Sailor, an organization cannot run successfully without the progressive mind of management and I feel proud to tell that I am honored to work for such a visionary management. It has been almost 2 years that I have been working in YS College and it has proved to be a good experience for me. I have been able to develop myself both ‘personally and professionally’. YS College is a nice place to work with colleagues and supervisors always ready to provide their support “

Puneet Puri (Asst Prof. , Computer Applications)

“Environment at Y.S. College is great to work. Being from Corporate world, my expectations for my work place were way high and I am more than glad to tell that Y.S. College has met them to the full. Here, at Y.S. College, emphasis has always been on the Practical knowledge rather than sticking to the textbook because in today’s era, job market asks you to perform the job rather than teaching you the same. I am so proud to tell that with all the practical workshops, Indoor/ Outdoor training and will to inject practical knowledge in students; Y.S. College is producing graduates which are ready in each aspect to capture all the opportunities which come their way. “

Naina Singla (2013-2016)

“At the outset I thank the management and staff of Y.S College for creating an excellent “Eco System” during these college days, in which an equal importance is given to education, extra-curricular activities, personality development, soft skills development, etc. A few years back I had no idea about what I want to be in my life, but  today I find the skills and the learning from my college useful  for  my career and  work life,. A big thank you to all the members of management and staff”

Anmol Preet Singh (2014-2017)

“The realization of my dream  to study in Canada was in fact the result of an extra-ordinary amount of freedom and opportunities to explore and enhance my skills at  Y.S College. I am seeking a very rewarding career. “

Navjeet Kaur (2014-2017)

“I am happy and proud to be at Y.S College The last 2 years have been truly memorable for me. The co – curricular activities like the inter and intra college competitions, club activities have given me opportunities to express and explore my organizational and leadership skills. Since Y.S College has been giving us valuable experience and insight for our future. Here I found an outlet for my creative urges, and opportunities that are wholesome and fulfilling. My opportunities to work with corporate will definitely widen as YS College enhances my career opportunities”

Ashima Jain (Asst. Professor, Management)

Y.S college has been a great place to work. There are lot of resources available, from professional development – for research, teaching, and service– to personal help and availability from all my colleagues. The students make the teaching  experience  here  rewarding since they are intelligent, inquisitive, mature, and  caring. I feel that I’m really helping people who want to help others. That is a wonderful feeling.

Harish Garg (Asst. Professor, Communication)

YS college is not mere a college with orthodoxic approach towards education. It’s a college where education is a flowing river in which academics is the vividity of it and creativity is the power of flow; where talent is appreciated and desire to achieve is catalyzed. It’s a college where the path towards success is enlightened with the burning lamp of knowledge and technique. Here the students not only get degrees but actually they learn, they achieve and they maintain. This is an institution where the students aim is not job seeking but job giving. Y.S College is not a mere technical college with the streams BBA, BCA, BCom and IT, but it is an epitome of technical education where the whole personality of students is flourished and developed  and the real goal of education is achieved.